A Passion for Making Spaces Gorgeous

Welcome! I'm Brad Greene!


I've been working in the home furnishings and interior decorating fields for the last twenty years. During that time I've served as a retail visual merchandiser, a design consultant, a trade show showroom stager and all around beautifier for a number of major furniture brands and household name furniture designers.

I have a real drive to arrange functional spaces that please the eye. From arranging large, brand name showrooms to envisioning and executing event decor for small business and families, I love to get my hands dirty making things gorgeous.

Transforming Everyday Objects

In a world where so many objects are considered disposable I take joy in the arts of up-cycling and transformation. Reimagining and rearranging objects can infuse them with new, unexpected life that can invigorate spaces.

Some of my recent projects have included:

  • Showroom wallpaper made from found National Geographic covers, 

  • Custom vases made from wine bottles cut in half.

  • Theme party decor "chandelier" made from colored, transparent solo cups.

  • Table top accent sculptures made from intricately folded magazines.

Home Decor Accents - Product Design

For much of my career I specialized in arranging and creating mood with objects sources from the collections of employers and clients, or with found objects. More recently I have moved toward creating my own decor products, either as one-off bespoke pieces or as modern-manufacture lines.


Do you have ideas for custom candles or accent pillows or scarves? Let's talk!

Seasonal & Event Decorating Projects - Retail & Household Spaces

As the holidays roll around I look forward to the whirlwind of what I call "Christmas tree therapy." I enjoy arranging show piece trees and whole-room looks for my list of year-over-year clients and new referrals. Not limited to holidays, I help with events such as weddings, birthdays and book release parties. What events are you planning I can collaborate on?